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We take care of your machines like ours, thanks to a team of expert technicians.

Whether you purchased a machine tool from us or not, we can offer you the technical assistance you need.

Thanks to our team of professionals, in fact, you can say goodbye to:



Machine Tool Repairs

As soon as possible, and after analyzing and estimating the intervention, we can provide:
– assistance for sudden machine stops
– supply and replacement of spare parts
– repairs at your site
– external adjustments
– restoration of machinery efficiency conditions


Appraisals and revisions

Our operators can perform:
– appraisals for the re-adaptation to the rules
– revisions to the machines and restoration of the original operating precisions
– mechanical revisions
– electrical and electronic revisions
– hydraulic and pneumatic revisions
– adjustment of safety standards
– restoration of securities


Electrical and numerical control retrofits

– updating of programming software
– partial or complete electrical adjustments
– construction of new electrical panels
– systems on board the machine
– serial, cable and wireless connections between CNC / PC


Spare parts supply for CNC machine tools and not

The service allows customers to request original spare parts for each machine tool purchased, or for other dated machines, and ensures rapid delivery and intervention times by our technicians.

For particular emergencies or requests, with the collaboration of professional partners it is possible to build spare parts. Also used and overhauled spare parts are available.


Supply of equipment for numerically and machine controlled machine tools

With the collaboration of professional partners we can supply auxiliary equipment for all types of machine tools:
– tightening equipment
– special tools
– systems for the enslavement
– collet chucks, electrospindles, drivers, tailstocks, precision clamps, dividers, rotary tables, man / machine interfaces
Machine tool overhaul and repair shop

In the internal workshop, operators and technicians of proven experience are able to overhaul your used machine tools restoring the best operating conditions and the original precisions:

– adjustment and retrofitting of used machines of all types and brands
– revision of individual components or of the entire machine
– Guarantee for the accuracy of the works.


Spindle revision

Whether programmed or emergency, we always guarantee maximum accuracy.

We can perform mechanical revisions of spindles and electro spindles complete with hydraulic tests and checks with the use of original spare parts. The service may include actions to improve performance and lengthen the hours worked.

– disassembly, checks, measurements and recovery
– restoration of the original precisions
– replacement of worn parts
– checks and balancing
– testing, running-in and calibration


Ballbar Renishaw


Every machining with CNC machines has some problems.

No one starts with the idea of ​​producing defective parts. The dimensional and finishing defects of the components may derive from the tool, from the spindle or from the fixture, but in most cases the cause is to be found in an error of the machine tool, due to geometry, play and dynamics.

Many of these errors can be eliminated in a few minutes, but they must be recognized. All machines, whether old or new, are subject to errors. The secret to eliminating production waste is to always know the status of your machines. In this way it is possible to plan the production and make changes when necessary.

In the past, to obtain this result, it was necessary to work on test pieces (masters) and then subject them to inspection. It was, however, a solution that took a long time and gave no absolute guarantees of reliability when the pieces to be worked had different geometries from the master piece.

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